Survey Designer enters General Availability!

This month we are excited to announce that Survey Designer enters General Availability for all Confirmit Horizons Professional users.

The new Survey Designer is designed to be easy-to-use while giving access to Confirmit's advanced survey design capabilities.  It will run alongside the existing Professional Authoring allowing users to easily switch between the two survey design platforms.


Our SaaS environments operate a continuous deployment strategy so new Survey Designer functionality will be continually released throughout the year.


Survey Designer can be accessed from the Quick Access pane when logged in to Confirmit Authoring:



Clicking on Survey Designer opens a new browser tab listing the surveys to which the user has permission:



Clicking on the New Survey button in the top right-hand corner creates a new survey where the survey essentials can be specified such as data capture mode (Web/Mobile/CAPI/CATI), Language, Layout and linking to a survey template - all in one easy-to-access page:



After clicking on Create New Survey and entering the survey design area for the first time the user will see a tip overlay which has some valuable tips on how to navigate around the new Survey Designer.


Click on the 'Add item' link to start adding nodes to your questionnaire tree.  Not only are all the existing question types available but for CAPI-enabled surveys we also have two new multi-media question types - Audio and Video upload!  Scratchpad visibility can be toggled on/off allowing removal of formatting from survey texts before they are added to the survey:




And don’t worry about saving in the new Survey Designer - everything is automatically saved every time you make a change!


Confirmit's rich survey design features are easy to configure for each question via a single pane - rich text formatting for Title/Text/Instruction fields, changing the question's appearance, selecting a table lookup/hierarchy answerlist, adding common question constraints - and the more advanced Question Properties can be accessed via the cog wheel:



There are many improvements in the new Survey Designer - for example when adding a Condition node the user can choose between the default Edit tab to graphically build conditions or the Expression tab in order to add a more complex expression using script:



And just because the design area has plenty of working space doesn't mean that those essential features are unavailable - users can toggle on/off the 'Advanced answer settings' panel to specify answer codes or other non-standard features; and it's easy to preview questions in all the different data capture modes specified for the survey:



Once your survey design is complete and launched, respondents can be emailed their personalized survey invitation using the new easy-to-use Selection Criteria which allows the user to select respondents for emailing based on their survey status, previous emails sent and the date the respondent was uploaded to the survey (coming very soon will be the ability to select respondents based on background questions):



After first launch your survey will also show Key Metrics including Interview Status Counts/Trends, Collection Channel breakdown and the Top 3 Drop Off Questions:



As you can see, the new Survey Designer offers easy-to-use access to Confirmit's rich survey design capabilities - for further information, please visit our website and keep up-to-date on future developments via our Confirmit Community site.  Short tutorials are available from our online Confirmit Learning Academy and a dedicated Survey Designer manual is available to download from the User Manuals section of our Extranet.


So please do log-in to the new survey design environment soon and let us know your feedback at