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Confirmit Learning Academy

Choose from E-Learning or Instructor-Led Training to learn about the latest Confirmit products

How will you learn? Choose E-Learning or live Instructor-Led Training

Everyone has a preference for how they want to learn a new topic. Log into the Confirmit Learning Management System (LMS) and access online learning content about a variety of our newer products. Identify tasks you want to perform, then watch short tutorial videos for just-in-time learning. Or, opt for live instruction and we'll arrange for a Confirmit expert to meet with you either onsite or online.

Learning Paths

Do you have limited experience using Horizons modules? One of the first steps in your training and enablement journey should be to explore one of the learning paths. A learning path is a sequenced list of recommended courses that leads you to proficiency in incremental steps. Take control of your learning and build your knowledge progressively. Choose the path that is right for you!

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E-Learning on your schedule

The Confirmit Learning Management System (LMS) is a perfect way for users to gain skills about our newest product functionality. E-Learning courses deliver self-paced, on-demand instruction about our newer products, including Survey Designer, Hierarchy Management, Action Planner, and more. 

If you don't already have access to the LMS, contact your account manager to inquire about a license. Once you log in, you'll have instant access to all of our published courses and you'll be able to consume each as many times as you'd like. To access a tour of the LMS, click here.

Contact your account manager for more information.

Live, Instructor-Led Training for you and your team

Sometimes, meeting in-person or online with a live Confirmit trainer makes sense, especially if you want to host group training with a lot of open discussion about requirements. Confirmit trainers can review best practices and deliver consultative, interactive instruction via relevant hands-on practice.

Contact your account manager for more information.

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