Dear Reader,

Happy New Year, Happy New Decade! The last decade saw some momentous changes in the technology landscape, and the next decade will no doubt serve up more incredible innovations. We have exciting plans afoot!

In this newsletter, I’m writing to let you know that we plan to release Confirmit Horizons 2020.3 LTS (Long Term Support version, formerly known as the Frozen version) for our on-premise customers by the end of March. We will upgrade our SaaS sites to the 2020.3 release of Confirmit Horizons on Tuesday, March 3rd for our Euro, US and Australian SaaS sites and Wednesday, March 4th for our Canadian cloud site. For our SaaS and Cloud customers, this will be just another small incremental change in functionality, whereas 2020.3 LTS introduces some significant new functionality for our on-premise customers.

I recommend that you set aside the time to read this newsletter as we have some important changes upcoming for on-premise customers in this next release. In summary, from this March release, we will:

  • No longer deliver a Continuous Delivery (CD) version for on-premise
  • No longer support Confirmit Horizons Version 22 Frozen
  • Change platform requirements to include the latest version of Visual Studio C++ 2017 Redistributable
  • Require use of our Identity Server, which can support stricter checking of new passwords
  • Drop support for Essential Objects V2 for PDF generation in Reportal, and remove access to Confirmit Express

In addition, in this newsletter we announce new requirements for the future, including Kubernetes, Kafka and Redis, to support the many new innovations we have in the pipeline, including Confirmit Studio.

We welcome all your feedback, whatever your perspective, so we can ensure we are focusing on the right areas to improve our products and services. Should you have any questions regarding any of the details in this newsletter, please contact your account manager, your support or services contact, or just send me a reply to this email. Thank you for your ongoing feedback and your continued support, and I hope I will be able to meet many of you personally or virtually in the near future.

Terry Lawlor
EVP Product Management

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