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Security Features

Confirmit Horizons includes security settings that can be applied to all levels in the application; at the company level, for individual users, and for specific surveys.

Security Overview

Downloadable document about Security in Confirmit Horizons

Do you need a document to send to your internal or external clients, to reassure them that their data is being kept at the highest security standards on the Confirmit Horizons SaaS environment? Click here to download a presentation. You can also download an overview presentation of the security standards applicable to the Horizons Cloud environment; click here to download.

Company Settings

Confirmit Horizons is an application that allows authors to design and deploy Web interviews, and create static or dynamic reports based on the data collected.

Security is paramount, and Horizons includes a number of settings that can be implemented at the company level to improve the security of your system.

Click here to download the Security - Company Settings document for further information.

Survey Settings

Detecting and preventing fraudulent responses to a survey are vitally important for maintaining the integrity and reliability of the survey results and thereby any decisions based on those results. It is also of great importance to prevent intruders from accessing or sniffing your respondents’ answers over the internet.

Confirmit Horizons has many built-in features that allow Survey Designers to protect their surveys.

Click here to download the Security - Survey Settings document for further information.

SaaS Security

The system settings in Confirmit Horizons control many of the configurable built-in security features in the application.

Click here to download the SaaS Security document for further information.

Individual User Settings

A number of settings within Confirmit Horizons can be implemented for individual users.

Click here to download the Security - Individual User Settings document for further information.

Additional Options

This document lists and describes a number of security options that can be implemented in addition to those for company, individual and survey.

Click here to download the Security – Additional Options document for further information.

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